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CK Calvin Klein

CK Calvin Klein CK 5794

CK Calvin Klein CK5794 202 Brown Gradient

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Prescription Glasses Include:

  • FREE Second Pair
  • FREE Single Vision Lenses
  • Original brand case 
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 Year frame warranty
  • Brand Authenticity Guaranteed

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CK Calvin Klein CK 5794 - CK Calvin Klein CK5794 202 Brown Gradient
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The following Colour Options are also available

CK Calvin Klein CK5794 001 BlackCK Calvin Klein CK5794 007 Black GradientCK Calvin Klein CK5794 195 Havana StripeCK Calvin Klein CK5794 417 Blue Gradient
When you have your eyes tested your optician is required by law to supply you with a written copy of your prescription. Generally written prescriptions follow a specific format which may look similar to the following example:

You can see that the prescription has a right (R) and left eye (L) which is then broken down into Sph, Cyl and Axis sections with values written in the relevant boxes. There is also a 'Near Add' part which is sometimes referred to as the 'Add' or 'Addition'. The value should always be the same for both your right eye and left eye and you need to enter this value if you would like reading spectacles.

When you have chosen a pair of glasses simply select the correct values for each of the boxes paying particular attention to the + (plus) and - (minus) fields. This is very important. If you enter -3.00 and your prescription is +3.00 your lenses will be incorrect. At 2for1glasses.co.uk we check each prescription carefully for any obvious mistakes and may occasionally contact you to verify the details; however, we cannot take any responsibility for information that has been entered incorrectly.

Below you can see the example prescription as it would look once entered correctly into our prescription area:

The PD measurement determines the position of the optical centres of your lenses. If this is marked on your prescription please include it. If it is not marked please leave the option set at default.
Some prescriptions require an extra component called Prism. This usually has its own area but may be denoted by a number followed by a P or small triangle and either up, down, in or out.
If your prescription has a prism component or any other special requirements please contact us (phone/email).
It is very important that you do not just omit this part of your prescription.

When ordering your glasses from us your prescription must be less than two years old. Regular eye examinations are recommended not only to ensure your spectacles are accurate and providing the best possible vision but also as an important part of your regular health care.
When Ready Please Input Your Prescription Below
Right Eye
Near / Add
Left Eye
Near / Add
What's your Pupillary Distance?
The Pupillary Distance is a measurement of the distance between your pupils. If you know your Pupillary Distance, please indicate it, otherwise choose "average/don't know" and our Registered Opticians will be in touch if it is required.
Please Ensure All + And - Values Are Correct.
If you are unable to enter your prescription please click here and one of our experienced prescription team will contact you to discuss your requirements. Alternatively contact our practice on 08447 550 330. Click here to view a prescription example.
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CK Calvin Klein CK 5794

CK Calvin Klein CK5794 202 Brown Gradient